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  • Padak



    Possibly being the most baffling discovery and experience in my filmgoing life, Padak as a film is hard to put into words. One side of me wants to say nothing but to go in blind and seek this one out as soon as possible, but with a poster that looks like that and a view count below 1,000 (as of the time I write this, it seems to be hard to convince people that, believe it or not, this little movie is…

  • Zola



    Mainly went to see this as an excuse to get back to theaters, and I was awaited with the experience of a lifetime.

    I pulled up to the theater at about 11am, about 20 minutes early so I had ample time to find my seat and get settled before the showing. I realized as I walked up that the theater itself actually opened at 11, so the doors were locked. No big deal; I stood outside for a bit and…

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  • BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

    BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

    Logging the show here.

    I’m absolutely astounded. I’m so grateful this show exists, it means a lot to me and it’s hard to accept the fact that it’s over. Binged the last 8 episodes today, and it put me in a really weird mental state. 

    This show has some of the best written characters I’ve ever seen. Bojack is such a complicated character, and seeing his story come to an end is unbelievably painful. Will Arnett does an amazing job,…

  • Enemy



    Enemy has so much to offer under the surface level. It’s so odd and unconventional but it’s definitely fantastic.

    The Positives: Fantastic performance by Gyllenhal, spectacular score, unique color scheme, excellent cinematography, unique storyline

    The Negatives: Some iffy plot points in the second half

    This film is definitely not for everyone. It’s definitely not conventional in its storytelling but it kept me hooked the whole way through. 9/10

    It appears that this is my 499th film. We’re getting extra close now