The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

now THIS is what the movies are all about!!! sitting in the center of an IMAX theater, michael giacchino's incredible score blaring through the speakers, as i watched insanely hot and talented people do what they do best for 3 hours...i truly couldn't ask for more. when something in the way started playing as batman drove home at dawn i was like okay yeah matt reeves definitely knows what the fuck he's doing with this. i loved how the atmosphere is tangibly dismal and dreary; it feels so inspired by gritty detective films like se7en and zodiac but is still proudly and entirely its own film. the combined power of robert pattinson's numb and brooding batman/borderline vampiric (lol) bruce wayne, a voice i couldn't believe was coming out of colin farrell, zoë kravitz playing herself as the sexiest woman in the world, my beloved paul dano playing a little freak, and jeffrey wright killing it as usual made for the most glorious experience. the only time i felt the runtime was in the last 20 or so minutes, when it felt like it didn't know when to end. i was fine with that, though - i could stay with this movie forever.

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