The Limits of Control

The Limits of Control ★★★

This is probably my least favorite Jarmusch film yet. It was beautiful, the cinematography was excellent, and there were many good parts, but goddamn was it slow. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep focused on it for more than 20 minutes at a time, and I tried soooo hard. I think I enjoyed it, think I'll watch it again, but I'm not super sure if it's worth it. There were interesting conversations, and some great cameos, but I'm not sure if there's as much meaning behind it as Jarmusch seems to think there is. Usually Jarmuschs main characters are quiet, just like this one, but they're usually far more interesting. This just hints at who this character is and never really gives us any background or reason to empathize with him. He's a hitman, sure, and Jarmusch plays on some hitman stereotype with the thinnest plot he could, but it's just not enough. Having the "lone man" say barely anything was a choice, sure, but I'm just not sure it's the right one. I love you Jarmusch, but this was not your strongest effort.

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