Scream VI

Scream VI

Remember when suffering multiple stab wounds was enough to kill you? Good times. In this universe, Randy would have easily survived and we wouldn't have to put up with the most annoying 'film geek' family members in every damn sequel. Jesus Mindy is one of the most annoying characters in recent memory that whole back and forth with Kirby where they discuss their favorite films in horror franchises made me wanna shoot myself! Maybe I am just a miserable bastard that can no longer enjoy things.

Yeah, this film wasn't for me. I understand I am no longer the target audience for these films which is fine. I wasn't the biggest fan of the last one either but thought maybe the change of location would breathe new life into the franchise, unfortunately by the time the rules are explained I'd had enough and so had the writers by the looks of things - the reveal was the most underwhelming in the franchise not helped by the pure stupidity of the motive which had me rolling my eyes so much I almost fell into a coma. I never thought there would be a worse entry into the franchise than Scream 3 but here we are. I will say something positive about it the subway scene was pretty cool shame they didn't use the change of environment to their advantage more.

They really need to stop making these. That won't happen so I would like to make a plea to not put Skeet Ulrich and whatever this de-aging is supposed to be in the next one he looks like he's made of wax and sat too close to the fire. Ghosts can age, who knew?

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