Hospital Massacre

Hospital Massacre ★★★★

Ah, the good old days where you could wander around a hospital smoking and doctors could slowly watch you get undressed behind a white screen!

in 1961 when Harold leaves a valentine card for Susan (Barbi Benton) at her house. Susan and her friend David have a good laugh and mock poor Harold, not realizing Harold is watching on. After Susan leaves the room Harold attacks and kills David and leaves him hanging from the coat rack.

Fast forward nineteen years and Susan is at the hospital to get a check-up on valentines day because of course it is and Harold returns to kill anyone who may get in between him and the heart he wants to win!

I absolutely loved this. I just can't get enough of 80's slashers set entirely at a hospital. And quite possibly the worst hospital in the world where doctors threaten to just operate on you if you don't calm down and an endless amount of weirdos roam the corridors. I thought Barbi Benton was pretty good in her role and there is an almost 10 min examination scene where Barbi bare all and the camera lingers on her breasts for what seems like forever. Not that I am complaining.

There is a good amount of gore to keep things ticking along nicely. Lots of jump scare and you can't move for the sheer amount of red hearings in the first 30 mins or so and the final face-off between Harold and Susan doesn't disappoint. I would highly recommend it for fans of Visiting Hours and Halloween II.

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