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Favorite films

  • Dead Presidents
  • The Big Racket
  • Cry of a Prostitute
  • Eastern Condors

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  • Dirty Mary Crazy Larry


  • Convenience


  • Savage Sisters


  • The 51st State


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  • Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry


    So we got off to a bad start. Well ya' know what it means when somebody like me gets off to a bad start? Not a God damn thing.

    Fonda looking cool as shit. Susan George melting the damn screen and a 69 Dodge Charger! Just relentless fun from the opening scene, the unique robbery, and the endless chase scenes that get better and more reckless as the film goes on. Having not seen this for a couple of years…

  • Savage Sisters

    Savage Sisters


    I used to think I'd let all of you pee in my face just to see where it came from, but hell, not anymore!

    Not as sleazy as I hoped. The most shocking thing about this WIP exploitation flick from Eddie Romero is the total lack of nudity! They even have a group shower scene which unfortunately doesn't deliver on that front either which is extremely disappointing when you have Gloria Hendry and Cheri Caffaro among the cast. Anyway, it…

Popular reviews

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    Thought I would relax after a hard day and watch Boiling Point......
    Several panic attacks later and I can confirm Stephen Graham is the best actor working today. Everyone is at the top of their game here barely getting time to breathe from scene to scene in this gripping single shot masterpiece.

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    If the plan was too make a movie worse than Halloween Resurrection then David Gordon Green succeeded big time! I think we all owe Rob Zombie an apology because next to this his Halloween 2 is a masterpiece.

    Gonna have to watch Halloween (1978) to wash this bad taste out of my mouth.