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This review may contain spoilers.

So this has the same villain twist as 2005 Steve Martin masterpiece The Pink Panther. In Pink Panther, there is an overheard murder where the victim before being shot says "oh, it's you!" to their murderer. So Inspector Clouseau orders an interrogation of everyone in France named "Yu." Little does he know, the real culprit was Yuri the trainer, hence "oh, it's Yu-". Brilliant twist.

Meanwhile in Knives Out, after being attacked and drugged, Edi Patterson squeals "It was HUGH!" her vocalization misread as "It was YOU!" adding tension to the story and likewise hiding the answer in plain sight.

Look, I'm not saying Rian Johnson ripped off 2005 Steve Martin masterpiece The Pink Panther, just as I'm not saying Star Wars ripped off the works of Kurosawa or Scorsese stole from Infernal Affairs. Good artists borrow, but great artists steal. I get that. But I am saying that Rian Johnson needs to fess up and admit that Pink Panther is a seminal artistic cornerstone, make Lionsgate donate all the gross income from this film to the Pink Panther filmmakers, and force everyone who liked this movie to admit that Pink Panther is an influential modern masterpiece in the same vein as Citizen Kane or The Wizard of Oz. I am not asking much

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