Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★

so let’s get into this, first and foremost i enjoyed this. the soundtrack is going to be added to my spotify because it outsold. we all know at this point that the acting was phenomenal. i think i’m on the other side of the spectrum though as john’s acting was my favorite but zendaya!!!! she is showing she’s much more than just another disney kid in fact she’s doing circles around most of them. i’m so fucking proud of her. 
next, i understand the critiques this movie is getting because i have some of the same ones. the writing was pretty good but when it was bad...i would mute cause i can’t deal with that. another critique i have is one i’m happy to see in other people’s reviews about sam being like white men this, white men that but sir you are that white man!!!! 
other than those few things, i do have to say i think this is one of my favorites to come out of netflix. 
“Why you love being hurt, traumatized and fucking eviscerated?”
“The man I’m looking at right now is as good as he’s gonna get.”

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