Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

i knew i chose the right movie when i picked this one as my most anticipated movie of the first half of the year. 
i waited to do my review because i was basically speechless. now almost a full day later my thoughts are pretty much the same as everyone else’s on here. this was excellent. everything was done so well, it’s very hard to find flaws in this. 
the directing, the music, the writing, and of course the acting were all top tier. this deserves a lot of praise during the incoming award season. i will personally see to the end of the oscars if this movie isn’t given what it deserves. 
but as others have said and i will hold myself accountable as well let’s not let this be the only thing we view to learn about fred hampton, or chapters of the black panther party. i think we all can agree that our education failed us in learning about what they were really about but we can grow from that. 
lastly, please if you can donate to the fred hampton house. they want to purchase, and restore his childhood home and hopefully get landmark status. here’s the link!!! 
“Badge is scarier than a gun.”
“I am a Revolutionary!”

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