Other Side of the Box

Other Side of the Box ★★★½

“What's in the box?” — David Mills, (Se7en)

Almost like It Follows, without the need to do the devil's tango for it to pass on like a pesky STD and it only consists of a couple, a Shawn and a box.

What or who was in the box that Shawn handed over to Ben? The idea of a wide-eyed, crazed man creeping at you from inside his cardboard prison is unnerving enough. Why was he wet? Is it the box a portal or rather a well, can he travel through any body of water, can anyone else unworthy to be on the other end of the staredown become a part of his crew. A crew of ghouls, hunting down anyone foolish enough to take a present from a random Shawn in the middle of the night.

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