The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Behold the story of Amleth, the tale that has been told in folklorist fashion across many years as it initially spread across northern Europe. As many who watch this film find striking comparisons of it to the Shakespearian tragedy of "Hamlet", it is in all actuality that the story of "Hamlet" was based upon this. "The Northman" is a film that is intense and horrific within its atmosphere yet strikingly beautiful at the same time. As the tale has been numerous times in different fashion, The Northman adds an interesting context of Viking lore and history to the dynamic. The scenery abounds in beauty, and as you can clearly tell that the efforts. While some of the film's efforts were admittedly done in CGI (which in no way am I discounting), much was done using scenic natural resources that are awestricken and dynamic. It is simply refreshing when watching naturally appeasing film such as this in all of its epic showcasings.

The film harkens in on how simply brutality is the way of life, even as desired death of all is by the blade rather than becoming "a shameful gray beard". There is little romanticism to be had, as death is always around the corner for any and all. As such, the film keeps a resolute tone of being bare in its humanity, as human's themselves are not that far removed from the animalistic mentalities of the forest creatures that surround them. The paganistic tones were also stylistically and interestingly done, both thorough the ritual scenes and the connection to Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of life. The Northman will be a continued epic to be watched as it simply is an immersion of senses that will continually impress audiences for years to come.

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