The Employment

The Employment ★★★½

The Employment is a filmed metaphor, an observation to detail in symbolic form what is not actually shown (in representative of a higher meaning). To use the animation medium to make this film was remarkably intelligent as it provided more possibilities in fully envisioning the film's core theme.

This is a type of film that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Obviously it deals with job creation in a surreal future. But no ordinary creation of work, it is depicted to its maximum lunacy in the idea. One could also interpret it as being the cause of a ultra-Capitalistic environment of this imaginary world which is a valid opinion. The only crack in that logic (albeit tiny) is the way the film ends. There is no clear cut superior in the mundane and absurd tasks these people perform. No class distinction just unanimous oddity.

I really liked this short film and most of all admired its use of sound, very distinct in a almost unnerving way. It really leaves one to ponder more.