American Reflexxx

American Reflexxx ★★★

Usually one never finds anything worth value in the Youtube comments but this quote right here (which is not my own) perfectly encapsulates the state of our society in America and the result of this social experiment.

"You know it's gotten out of hand when even cisgender women are attacked for being trans. The good ole US, where even the mere thought of you being different makes you deserving of being assaulted according to some people." - Jennifer Gordon

Basically ignore my rating which is more centered on the film related qualities of this short film and allow me to speak of nothing but positivity regarding this piece in order to spread awareness. I've been to Myrtle Beach, SC and more often to Ocean City, MD (closer to home) and I'm sure it is not even limited to these beach vacationing spots where drunken youth come to gather. In fact think of it in this manner that the majority of the people you see on this video are indeed on vacation and do not reside permanently in that state. That means people like the ones filmed here are essentially everywhere because it is this mentality that has spread across the country. As aptly put as the synopsis suggest, this experiment "raises questions about gender stereotypes, mob mentality, and violence in America" that most of us knew was there all along. It's just that the majority of people of whom never personally witnessed this type of prejudice and violence peak out its ugly head from the recesses of society are going to be shocked by something as captured in the raw as American Reflexxx. I for one, was not surprised in the slightest and have witnessed this type of behavior first hand.