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  • The Face of Another

    The Face of Another


    This film, like few others have done, transcends the medium into pure unadulterated art. Every tiny minuscule detail of the movie is crafted particularly to fit the genius of Teshigahara. Nothing is left to chance and all orchestrated together to create something higher than cinema. This is the nature of how multi-faceted artist, renaissance man, and one of Japan's greatest directors Hiroshi Teshigahara operates in his insane creative process.

    Exaggerations are well left behind, this film is meticulously designed to…

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad


    Deconstructing cinema much in the way Bresson wanted to do, but in a more grand fashion. It is akin to the Dadaist art movement of anti-art, breaking the rules and destroying the notion of what we perceive as true art. Perhaps not fully to that extent, but Resnais clearly experiments with the medium of cinema in a way majorly unaccepted, and ironically it becomes the focal point of where the film's greatness lies.

    Last Year at Marienbad begins with repetitive…

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  • Stamped from the Beginning

    Stamped from the Beginning


    It's not a bad documentary by any means, and it would serve as a very informational starting point for people who are not well versed on racism in America. However, there exists a more expansive film with a deeper dive into this territory while also covering the history of colonialism/imperialism from a global perspective (not just America), that is superior to this film in every manner. It is called Exterminate All the Brutes by Raoul Peck, and I would urge any fans of this film to follow up their education with Peck's sublime work.

  • Kundun



    Kundun is shamefully one of Martin Scorcese's weakest films, all due to the fact that Scorcese and screenwriter Melissa Mathison had chose to construct this film as a heavily biased hero worshipping tale of the Dalai Lama. That is why I used the term shamefully, because it is quite a shame when the production values were near immaculate, and filmed with painterly cinematography from Roger Deakins. Even longtime Scorcese editor Thelma Schoonmaker shines here as she cuts such potent shots…

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  • Persona



    Hyperboles do not matter when discussing Persona, for the film is all but stated in fact that it is not only Bergman's masterpiece, but holding the incredible feat of being considered one of if not the best film ever made.

    There are many factors that go into Persona carrying this title, perhaps even too many to explain or be able to fit in this review, but needless to say, it has every element that a perfect film should have. From…

  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon


    Maya Deren's multi-faceted film is one that can never be fully understood. The symbolism, representations of reality and fantasy, and the interpretations that follow all try to touch the base of this film, but try as they might, this film is just untouchable. It's an experience more than a film. An atmosphere of mood and imagery tailor made to affect the viewer's psyche. It manipulates us in unknown ways leaving its mystery at the top of the totem pole and…