Purple Noon

Purple Noon ★★★

The best Ripley adaptation I've seen so far but still not even close to capturing the essence of the books or the character.

I tried considering this as its own movie rather than against the novel but there were quite a few moments that probably wouldn't make sense if I hadn't known the plot already so that sort of went out of the window.

It starts off as a a very good adaptation, missing the really dull section that Minghella took 45 minutes over in his Matt Damon version and jumping straight in to the story, using subtle exposition to great effect to replace the chunk that wasn't required.

Alain Delon is very good as Ripley (but I think he's probably very good at everything he does) and watching this version of Greenleaf made me appreciate the casting of Jude Law a bit more.

The plot is followed too rigidly at times, with events happening with seemingly no motivation or reason other than they did in the book and this is it's only real drawback. The denouement was a creation of the film makers and it works of its own right and kept in tone with the slightly bizarre/unreal nature of the movie but for me as a forerunner to film soleil the ending from the book worked better as opposed this pseudo hays code offering.

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