Blade Runner ★★★★★

So my local rooftop cinema ran a competition to select the Tuesday night movies this Summer. You're right, they DID call it Chooseday Night Movies. One of my many entries was Blade Runner, one of the greatest movies ever made and so tonight I got to see it at the cinema for the first time. Happily they made an executive decision somewhere along the way and played the Director's Cut and not the horrible studio approved version with the naff voiceover and bizarre end scene where they drive an actual car through countryside. Seriously, WTF?!

David Webb Peoples has to be one of my cinematic heroes, not only did he write me Blade Runner but he then wrote me Unforgiven and followed it up with a superb script for Twelve Monkeys (also known as 12 Monkeys for American audiences), I hope he is living like a hog on fat royalty cheques from those three scripts.

Sean Young destroys me with every perfect moment that she is on screen in this film; something about her causes my breath to catch, my heart to beat faster, my mouth to dry up and every other woman ever seem rather dull in comparison. What came first Blade Runner or my taste in women? It's a conundrum all right.

Ridley Scott with more than a little help from his wonderfully talented and put upon production team achieved a visionary masterpiece that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Citizen Kane. In some ways it is the ultimate film noir with its existential narrative, expressionistic lighting, the neon and the smoke, a conflicted protagonist and a charismatic antagonist that you can't help but root for, it's funny and intelligent and even the mesmerising and crazy performance of Rutger Hauer seems to recall quite a lot of James Cagney.

Every time I see the film I take something new away from it, today I fell for Hy Pyke's Taffey Lewis and his snake pit bar, a guy and place that would have been at home in a scene from Cabaret. I also noticed that I have grown to prefer Roy Batty over Rick Deckard without previously realising, every single line delivery has incredible depth of meaning. I've seen many Rutger Hauer movies but none of them have allowed him such moments, coincidence or great direction?

Until next time Blade Runner fans, when all these thoughts will be lost like tears in the rain and I can start afresh with new wonder.

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