Alienoid ★★★★½

An unimaginative way of getting by. 

Choi Dong-hoon hops between eras in the first instalment of his ambitious mash-up of sci-fi and historical fantasy. Aliens, robots, Taoist magicians, and time-travelling defenders of the future are participants in an era-hopping battle in Alienoid, Just an insanity combination of alien invasion sci-fi blended with a martial arts fairy tale through the power of time travel. a genre-splicing saga which is the first of two films that were shot simultaneously. It’s so rich, and visually stunning, with astonishing cinematography and a tightly knitted screenplay to uncover the madness. 

Its hilarious comedic sense worked out well too. There’s no fault in that in my opinion. simply one hell of an experience it was. Pay attention to detail if not you will be misplaced into another one which will make you think for a while about what’s it all about. A simple yet complicated storyline to process further details to its puzzle. Great performances from the entire cast will instantly demand your attention from the word go. I can’t simply state who is my favorite. 

It’s a production method that is usually reserved for can’t-miss sequels, so writer-director Choi Dong-hoon presumably put together a dazzling pitch presentation to secure funding for this self-generated mash-up of science fiction and historical fantasy. This first part is an unimaginative hodgepodge which leaves its well-assembled cast stranded across time and space. The ending wasn’t I expected and I’m so fucking speechless about the way they end it. 

The only con was for its that at some point the alien looks weren’t up to its standard, but it can be easily forgotten since the visuals of others makes it so rich to analyze. Things may improve with the second instalment now that the exposition is out of the way, but it’s hard to imagine many takers when the first ends with a cliffhanger that raises little more than a shrug.

This is funny, heartfelt, pulse-pounding, with insane, inventive, CGI action set pieces, I have to recommend at least giving this a shot. Can’t wait for part 2! The director has sold me out already for part 02 now I can’t fucking wait a year to witness how this is going to end. I'm unable to put it in the right way, as I'm completely dumbfounded at the moment.
I strongly suggest you to watch this on 1080p quality or 4k.

A film that is not to be missed at any cost. 

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