The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★½

I now know that I am more of a „Godfather part one-guy“.
I really liked this movie!
It did a lot right: The score is once again brilliant. Even better than in the first one. The great melancholic main theme is sometimes even worked into each scene, played by individual instruments, perfectly fitting to the situation.

I really liked the two stories as well! Michaels story was masterfully continued and Vito Corleones younger self and what he did and whitnessed was also amazing.

Al Pacino was, once again, absolutely brilliant here! Diane Keaton could convince, too.
I really love Robert De Niro and he played his role perfectly as well but this also leads me to one thing, why I think this is weaker than its predecessor. You really feel that Marlon Brando is not around! He was one of the reasons I loved the first one so much. He owned the screen! I love Robert De Niro but I don‘t think he was a good replacement for Brando. With Brando not around, this movie lacks an important part of „The Godfathers“ brilliance.

Also, and I don‘t know why, I did not really like Vitos character arc. Maybe its because it was not that surprising anf felt kinda rushed to me...

And my biggest flaw:
This film did not capture me as much as the first one...

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