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  • Tucker: The Man and His Dream

    Tucker: The Man and His Dream


    FFC, a bit crazed, colorful, and risky! Francis Ford Coppola: A filmmaker and his dream! - Director Series
    Ah yes Francis Ford Coppola in the late 80s. Now, only a well-respected, gutsy and revered filmmaker could make a self-referential film about using automobiles as a vehicle for filmmaking. Coppola leading up to Tucker: A Man and his Dream had continuous financial bomb after bomb. So whats the only logical way for a bright filmmaker in the midst of a…

  • That Thing You Do!

    That Thing You Do!


    Musical cliches and Tom Hanks, so you maybe be asking what does that entail? Well, a great American bash! (also non-Americans can enjoy this as well sorry for my inappropriately timed patriotism, but frankly this is a very American movie).

    Tom Hanks is americas teddy bear, no matter how old no matter how young he continues to comfort all who see and enjoy his films. Now Mr. Hanks at the peak of his career makes a fictitious biopic about…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Kurt Russell has a funny hat

  • Arachnophobia



    A beginning that looked like the groundwork of Jurassic Park than quickly transitioned to the small town tropical suburbs of the homey coast feels like Joe Dantes Matinee. The sprawling pair of child-like wonder and the disturbance of tiny house fleas is a perfect mash-up to start the 90s pictures of animalistic mayhem.