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World champion at putting off watching movies.
Recreationally swimming in the ocean of existentialism. 
I also like taking pictures.

Favorite films

  • Spider-Man 2
  • Aftersun
  • Another Round
  • Before Sunrise

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  • There Will Be Blood


  • Dune: Part Two


  • Dune


  • Twin Peaks


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  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    There is just something about the tone and vibrancy of all characters, no matter the screen time, that captures the tone of the comics it's adapting better than the rest of this genre, despite not having the benefit of featuring a gallery of other superheroes. Not having rights to any other superheroes was more a gift than a curse for this allowed the story to focus 100% on the character of Peter Parker, without any unnecessary distractions on behalf of…

  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    I'm not going there to die. 
    I'm going to find out if I'm really alive. 

    Where do I start? Let's get this out of the way; Cowboy Bebop is a damn cool show. Everything about it, from the aesthetic and music, to Spike's demeanor and stylish montages, feels cool.

    The show doesn't rely on a long, overarching storyline for the most part. Every episode features an adventure unrelated to the previous one. These episodes might come off as...inconsequential? Insignificant? This feeling…

Recent reviews

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    Somehow even better on the big screen.

  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks


    Diane, 11:30 AM, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks.

    Happy Twin Peaks day everyone.

Popular reviews

  • Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

    Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins


    Underappreciated masterpiece.
    I watched the first 30 minutes of The Godfather and fell asleep.
    This movie, on the other hand, was an emotional ride throughout. It blends the styles of Tarantino's writing, Nolan's directing and Deakins' cinematography, which results in a timeless classic that continues to influence cinema in so many ways. 


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    They actually did it. The Mouse actually let Raimi play with his camera like if he was fresh out of high school making The Evil Dead again. He was spinning that thing like a carousel, flying it through eyeballs and following the wizards with it like a force of nature. Screaming women and ancient books containing the evilest of evil are back in full force, and I’m all here for both. People getting sliced in half, eyeballs flying (Raimi loves his…