Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

The film focus on developing two characters simultaneously. On the one hand, William O'Neal, a man who infiltrates into the Black Panthers helping the FBI. On the other, Fred Hampton, as the head of the Black Panthers. You become familiar with both characters, showing you their vulnerabilities and personal life, making it easier for you to empathize with both of them, but at the same time, posing different problems that will keep your thoughts going for a while.
As a movie I would say it is greatly done in many aspects, from the montage to the intensity of some scenes without loosing power at all until the very end, to the amazing performances and development of the story. And not leaving aside a great cinematography. Also, the screenplay is an excellent choice considering the historic situation nowadays , and the fight that's been taking place for years.

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