Red to Kill

Red to Kill ★★★

Exceedingly grotty 'Rape+Revenge' flick set in a home for the disabled...leaves you feeling like you need a good wash and a hug afterwards.

Although, being in Cantonese and my copy being the Thai release DVD...the subtitles bring some much needed humour to proceedings! With people being branded "sex lupines" and barristers saying "ain't I right you bastard?" some of the highlights.
Also the soundtrack is bizarre! The horror unfolding on screen to chinese power ballads and love songs like some rom-com!

The final showdown between the main girl, her motherly social worker and the rapist is the strongest section of the film.
The man dressed up like a deranged Chinese version of the wrestler Kurt Angle, getting various forms of punishment, using an iron...lightbulbs and his comeuppance via a circular saw being delightfully painful looking.

The ending is most unexpected...and is like a punch in the stomach. The punch being delivered to another totally inappropriate ballad!

Who would I recommend this film to? Absolutely no-one.

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