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  • Body Double
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Big Fish

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  • Metropolis


  • Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


  • Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song


  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


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  • The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

    The Muppets' Wizard of Oz


    Little did I know growing up with this film had planted a seed in my brain, now I am a homosexual.

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    No wonder Anya Taylor-Joy was starving, this film did not serve (figuratively) but it certainly slayed (literally).

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  • Metropolis



    Had I watched this growing up I would have been traumatised by that ending, poor Tima.

    I believe maybe it could have had a larger focus on Rock overall, it did lose me quite a bit but I can’t put aside the concept and animation as it is quite interesting. The main plot kinda fizzles out eventually, so it kinda lost me till the last 10 or so minutes. 

    The wee trash robot is so adorable I love them.

  • Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

    Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


    This could have been good? I was just a little bored tbh.

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  • Fear Street: 1978

    Fear Street: 1978


    Am I the only one who hates these posters?

    A lot better set up this time around; Ziggy is the only character who I can truly say took my attention through both '94 and '78. I was actually excited to see how it all played out, something I feel '94 failed to do. Sadie Sink is truly carrying this film on her shoulders. For ‘94 I wasn't a big fan of the supporting cast, but this time around but they…

  • WandaVision



    Now wtf am I going to do with my Fridays huh? Watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier? I don’t think so.

    Why did they do this concept so dirty? Why do I keep starting paragraphs with questions? I don’t know anymore. After episode 4 it starts fading into the rest of marvels predictable void, the last episode dragged it all the way down there. This show had so many things going for it but we just can’t have nice things…