Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

starting to think i just love mess 🤷‍♀️

subsequently both some of the most interesting things within this franchise and also some of the dumbest and that’s saying something but i would still pick this over the thorn trilogy any day. not to state the obvious (and also in my opinion) but michael myers is literally just a walking metaphor right like whether that be for something as broad as pure evil or an interpretation more specific such as white american suburban anxiety over home invasion and serial killers in the 70s but he’s not a character, he’s not a person functionally, he’s like a living macguffin and the interest always lies in our protagonist, what he represents for them and in this way, the film is fucking all over the place.

you cannot have it both ways, you cannot attempt to give michael backstory and humanise him to some extent and also have the pure supernatural like evil entity walking metaphor michael, okay rob zombie understood this and i think those films are messy as hell but at least zombie had a clear aim and vision for what and who michael was, david gordon green dropped the ball hard and you can clearly see this being one of the biggest issues across both positive and negative reviews. 

this script needed revisions absolutely, this needed so much tightening now i don’t care if a film isn’t subtle, like that’s whatever to me you can be as obvious as you want but just make it good, like fairy tales are one of my favourite types of stories and those things beat you over the head with their morals and meanings okay like what is this film david gordon green, what does michael represent because to jaime lee curtis he’s clearly representational of trauma and now generational trauma but then in the film he’s also representing a “dividing force” that creates mobs that look like american black friday footage and brings out the worst in people but then he’s also a little 6 year old boy who just wants to murder but also he’s pure supernatural evil who cannot be killed like pick a struggle sir !!! like with a tighter script i can see some of these pieces working, we need focus, michael is your metaphor, use him adequately especially when you’ve got all these great actors to work off of him and with your script at their disposal !

all that being said i do not think these issues are new to this franchise, these are problems that have managed to plague like most of the sequels like it’s not new to me that a halloween sequel doesn’t fully know what the fuck to do with michael and his “mythology” like idk what to tell you this feels like standard practice to me, like david gordon green’s first entry into this franchise surprised me because it was a sequel that was neither a mess nor boring so ya know what i enjoyed the return to form.

all that aside though i genuinely had a lot of fun with this, like as messy as this and like i said at the beginning i think i may just love mess, it’s a very fun time like michael myers has never been a slasher with a flair for the arts, not much for pizazz he left that to like his later contemporaries like freddy krueger but ya know what david gordon green if you don’t know what you’re doing with him, why not make him play with corpses like they’re art projects and pose them and stuff, it’s a fun time, i can’t say there was a dull moment, like is this the halloween sequel everyone was hoping for ?

i highly doubt it but ya know what i’ll take this little mess and i had a fun little time watching while eating my caramel popcorn, thank you for coming to my ted talk

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