I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★½

I Care a Lot... wow. Where do I even begin?

It’s a fucking savage movie, let’s start with that. I think Marla Grayson is a downright awful character and there’s no sugarcoating that, but why the fuck does Rosamund Pike make deceit seem so damn stylish?

I do love a good problematic character. Everything about her we should definitely not like, but for some reason we kind of do? It was like a battle between my conscience and my “fuck yes! women!!!” brain. And when the other baddies get introduced it was very much like “well who am I actually rooting for here?”

The movie itself is exactly what it appears to be... vile, sociopathic fun. I caught myself cackling at stuff that shouldn’t actually be funny, and going back and forth between Peter Dinklage and his cronies and Rosamund Pike and her invincible attitude (in who to root for). I started off feeling so bad for Jennifer Peterson and all of the other old people, but then comes the truth and it’s very much an “oh shit” moment, and I had to question who is actually, morally, the better person? 

Anyway, it’s a whole lot of fun and Rosamund Pike slays playing a lesbian con artist. I’m so here for it. The role of being a criminal manipulator just suits her so much and I wouldn’t be mad seeing her in more leading parts like this.

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