The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

my life has not known peace ever since I saw that one photo of Robert Pattinson with Death Grips and Beyonce...

anyway, I think the main reason why I like this riff of se7en more than Nolan's riff of heat is that in the latter, Nolan pulls off the ensemble drama/hard-boiled action aspect of the film gracefully but not the bleeding heart romanticism of the character's relationship that juxtaposes their self-destructive professionalism that's prevalent in all of Mann's oeuvre. while in this, Reeves gleefully indulge in the detached and cynical procedural style of Fincher's (see also: Polanski's chinatown, Friedkins' french connection, Pakula's all the president's man & klute, etc etc) while still reasonably maintaining the inherent goofiness-underneath-the-gritty-brooding aspect of the source material. case in point being batman's noir narration of "they think I'm hiding in the shadows, but I am the shadows," which by all means should be corny as fuck but is delivered with the utmost sincerity and emotion that it reverts back to being really fucking cool. and sincerity is virtually extinct in this part of ~filmmaking~ town so hey I'll take what I can get! good movie imo.

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