M3GAN ★★★½

Remember this…The moment we kicked Hasbro right in the dick.

-David Lin-

M3GAN, despite its apparent “Chucky” vibes, or more aptly, “Bride of Chucky” vibes, still manages to conjure up just enough originality to carve out its own space in the horror-lite genre. M3GAN is a self-aware (no pun intended) tech-slasher that manages to deliver some cheap laughs while ripping your ears out simultaneously. Seriously, there were some pretty brutal kill-shots here, M3GAN would have definitely benefited from a R-rating. M3GAN, while entertaining, does suffer from some weak dialogue and the tiresome tendency to revert into genre tropes. M3GAN was fun, but I don’t have to revisit this, at least until the inevitable sequel arrives. To that end, good for M3GAN, something semi-original gained some traction. 

It is humorous to me that Hasbro, with its VAST IP hasn’t been able to churn out much of anything that’s even remotely original or thoughtful. Sure, M3GAN is cliched, but I’d like to see some demented Hasbro creations now after this. So yes, I will “Remember this…The moment M3GAN kicked Hasbro right in the dick.

The cinematography in M3GAN is what’d you expect from a “smart” slasher. It’s dark. It’s moody. It’s filled with a soft, almost edison-esque ambience that attempts to build a tense atmosphere, and to that end it mostly works. M3GAN is a genre film, so you get what you pay for. I didn’t come into this with high cinematography hopes, but walked away satiated, so credit to the team for not writing it off and going full camp. Instead, we are given a passable and fleetingly foreboding experience that gives M3GAN the boost she needed to dance her away to a sequel. 

Allison Williams was effective enough here, but I ultimately didn’t feel any sense of urgency or excitement for any aspects of the role. Williams didn’t detract from the film at all, she was fine, I just didn’t feel as if any of her actions felt “earned”, almost as if she semi-phoned this one in. Violet McGraw was a case of underutilization. McGraw played a pivotal role, and when she was given the time I thought she was convincing, showcasing some weighty acting chops for her age. McGraw was definitely the highlight for me here. 

M3GAN deserves a portion of the praise it’s garnering as it is a demented and high octane robo-monster mash…but…just in a kiddie sort of way. The shortcomings are few but exigent, the worst of them being its rushed pacing, overly predictable/cliched outcomes, and forgettable performances. M3GAN does get bonus points for its Pacific Rim and Real Steel moment. Loved that. Bruce is my guy, talk about a Hulk-Loki beat down. 

PurrPetual pets is basically what happens if furbies and toy trolls had a baby together. Glad I know that now. 

So I’m assuming the writers of M3GAN really liked Avengers: Age of Ultron huh?

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