“One of the pleasures of youth is to be able to blaspheme.”

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  • The Tyrant's Heart, or Boccaccio in Hungary
  • The Angel
  • Mad God
  • Sodom

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  • Liquid Crystals

  • Disco Boy


  • Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World


  • Àma Gloria


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  • The Tyrant's Heart, or Boccaccio in Hungary

    The Tyrant's Heart, or Boccaccio in Hungary


    An unbridled kind of theatricality is embraced by Jancso here, in what transpires as a sensual parable filled to the brim by a completely certain, fulfilled sense of direction. Seeing Jancso's clearly recognizable methods and motifs wrap around the atmospheric perimeter of the different respective worlds he creates, truly solidifies his vision as some of the most brilliantly malleable in cinema. Adjusting the same kind of subtle but impactful flexibility to the form of Boccaccio in Hungary results in the…

  • Computer Chess

    Computer Chess


    The filmic grammar of Computer Chess is formed purely by an algorithm, underlined by a malfunction, defined by grain and emboss. The metaphysical, ironic filigree that encapsulates the film's utilization of comedy as means of eliciting discomfort suggests the reconstitution of the past, the present and the future as ominously non-linear, progressive and regressive, an undulating push and pull of the idiosyncratic America and its infinite fascination with the coexistence of human and machine. Its shape circuited by otherworldly, and…

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  • Wedding Trough

    Wedding Trough


    Hey this isn't Peppa Pig....

  • The Pillow Book

    The Pillow Book


    This would be better if it didn't look like a PowerPoint presentation with a karaoke break in the middle