Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

This is a universe I'm mega excited for, but of course I have to keep the hype down to avoid disappointments. Either way this is a f*cking dope introduction to Kong in the Godzilla universe, if you're a kaiju fan then you probably understand more than most. One of my favourite classic Godzilla movies is the one where he goes against King Kong, sure it was silly at the time but the match up was too good to pass up, the fight was also entertaining af. This time I'm expecting something visually insane, and after seeing him kill some skull crawlers I honestly cannot wait.

Boo to all the haters out there that keep saying Jackson's Kong was better, bro the movie is about KONG it aint about the humans, most of their praises go to the actors, IDGAF I WANT MONSTERS. It's like people forget why they made monster movies, if we wanted human action or drama, we'd go and watch those! The characters here were more than above average for a "monster" flick , people die left and right which is something I love to see, no time to form bonds bro they're too busy dying in ways you can't imagine. Danvers and Loki on the other hand played a pretty good pair, but nothing spectacular - Sam Jackson played a cardboard cutout role of himself, but was enough of a jackass for me to dislike him. The rest of the cast was good, big named enough to trick us they might or might not die.

At first I didn't know this was going to be part of the universe, until I saw the Japanese geologist and of course their company being "monarch" which are slight hints - having half of the twins and then referencing them later on in king of the monsters was godlike. This is how you translate the ferocity of the monsters, the chopper scene captured the fear perfectly - seeing what Kong was able to do, shoutouts to the flying tree that might have been a reference to when he shoved a tree down Godzilla's throat. Ugh Skull island is obviously Monster island, and was that Spyga we saw?! I was low key hoping he would get struck by lightning and give him some sort of power, but that's canon for another place and time.

Overall loved this movie and I can't wait for Kong to go against Gojira, we'll see who's really better, a God or a King?

Tl;dr - Young Kong is badass, can't wait til this King goes against a God.

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