The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog ★★★½

Hearing Kirsten Dunst say "Peter" so many times, even if it happens to be to her son in this film, instantly activated something in my brain which can only be described as "a pleasant sensation sprung out of reminiscence". The same brain which also still and presently ignores the existence of Spider-Man 3 (remember when movie sequels had numbers in the title?). The same brain that also acknowledges a purdy and well-crafted Western with a performance of note by Benedict "Doctor Douche" Cumberbatch. The same brain which moreover wonders if Doctor Douche would have made for a more compelling and calculating villain than Doc Ock (whose real first name is Mike, as I just discovered through my younger brother's recent meme post). I guess we'll never know as Peter Parker is now allied with the former.

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