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  • Coup 53

    Coup 53


    A lot of information that I hadn't known before and that made me feel some heavy things. However, there's like....a fake conspiracy made by the director in this movie that holds a very real, very intense conspiracy?!? He makes a big deal about a lost interview at the end of empire tv program that will blow this whole case open, and this just turns out to be...well, basically a gimmick built on lies in a movie whose true story is…

  • The Witches of the Orient

    The Witches of the Orient

    For the most part, genuinely terrible both as a documentary and a visual essay! Its thesis feels very muddled, both attempting to preform as a personal document of the woman on the team and where their lives are at now, and their match as simply a microcosm of japan trying to return to intense strength as a nation after their defeat in world war 2. The problem is that the story of who these women are, what they felt during…

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  • Us



    The most impressive element of the film-making of US isn't how layered the script is with symbolism and intent. It's isn't the across-the-broad brilliance of all of the cast's dual performances. It's isn't even Peale's intelligent wielding of it's increased budget. What most impressive is the empathy Peale has brought to such a horrific story. There's a deliberate affront to clinical coldness that that can make analogical films inaccessible. The barrier between mainstream humor and surreal terror is broken in…

  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    another high 4 that almost makes that 4.5 mark. So much fun, especially in the 3rd act which goes wonderfully wild