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This review may contain spoilers.

I want to start by saying that this was my most highly anticipated film of the year, if not ever up to this point in my life. The moment this was announced I became excited. To say this movie, particularly Kristen, did not let me down is an understatement. She did everything I believed she could and more. I’m an actor, and I’ve always felt Kristen was talented, even though for a long time that was not a popular opinion. I’ve loved so many of her movies over the years and I’ve always waited for the day she’d prove everyone wrong and this seemed like just the moment for her to do it, and man did she deliver. It means the world to me to see her succeed like this and prove those that doubted her wrong. She has triumphed and overcome so many obstacles, it really gives me hope. So this movie really has a special place in my heart.

Pablo Larrain’s style is so atmospheric it pulls you in, I don’t think I’ve looked away from this film once either of the times I’ve seen it. He has created another masterpiece, but where Jackie is history, Spencer is horror. Creeping, stalking, watching, the royal family and their servants circle Diana like predators, monitoring for weakness, nipping at her heels to scare her into submission.  

The thing that has really struck me in this film, the thing I think makes it so genius starts with this:

“There is no future. The past and the present are the same thing.”

This movie blurs the lines between the past and the present, not just Diana’s past, but the past of the royals. The parallels crafted in this thing hit like a punch to the gut, the lines between Diana and Anne Bolyn fading the longer the film goes on, until finally Diana reclaims her own narrative, pushes back so hard that they know they can’t break her.

All of the shots of her dancing, running, moving in general... She so effortlessly gives off this warm but sad energy. She is so so so full of life and kindness and sympathy but she’s also this firecracker waiting to go off. It perfectly puts into perspective the person Princess Diana was. When she dances she is such a bright light, which is so beautiful when you can see her fighting against being snubbed out the rest of the film.

Go see it as many times as you can in the theater.

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