Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

it’s quite possible that scott pilgrim vs the world has been dethroned as my favorite action comedy. color and creativity were but strangers  to me until seeing this movie.

this movie is the SHIT! oh my sweet lord, i never thought this film would be as creative, hilarious, fast paced, entertaining, and heartfelt as it is. it’s the type of movie that either encourages you to make art or discourages you because you know you’ll never make something this good.
just, UGHHH 😫😫

i was laughing out loud, holding my sides, and having to cover my mouth the quiet myself down throughout the vast majority of this film. i just wanna watch this movie every moment of every day for the next couple months, just to get this euphoric feeling out of my system.

a24, PLEASE don’t drag your feet in distributing this movie across all theaters. y’all are constantly outdoing yourselves, but this is easily the Daniels’ magnum opus. do right by this film, ya dig?

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