M3GAN ★★★

“Don’t worry, Cady. I won’t let anything harm you. Ever again.”

I went into watching this just hoping to have a fun time in the cinema with my friends, and that’s really what I ended up having to be honest. This is the type of film which one would probably dislike if they were looking at it from a critical perspective (I do find it strange though since it seems to be doing quite well with actual critics). The plot is quite barebones, the characters are still fairly two-dimensional, and there is occasionally some poor acting from the cast, however when you’re going to see a film about a robot doll who goes on a killing spree, you’re not exactly expecting that film to be Oscar-worthy anyway.

The trailer did a mostly good job at setting the campy tone which was then maintained fairly well throughout the film. It did also give away a lot of scenes though. That being said, the kill sequences were still entertaining to watch in the cinema. M3GAN was brought to life through a great blend of practical effects and VFX. I liked how they used an actor to perform the character’s movements/body language, and they were wearing a mask which was later enhanced using CGI. The score was also pretty creepy.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about M3GAN; overall it was just a fun experience in the cinema. While it’s not a film that’s going to have a long lasting impact on me, it was still an enjoyable way to spend two hours and I don’t regret going to see it.

My rating: 6/10

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