Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★

This is a science-fiction classic, so I’m glad that I ended up enjoying it. With this film, Ridley Scott takes the sci-fi genre in a remarkable, new direction. I definitely think that the strongest aspect here is the world-building. It’s absolutely incredible. The fantastic production design and use of miniatures, brilliant makeup and costuming, and colourful neon lighting, are all put together to create this very imaginative, futuristic world. It’s not surprising that this film was so influential towards pop culture. The writing is very impressive too. While the film can become a bit confusing at times, I always found myself interested in what was happening. That’s also down to the consistent pacing. The cast all deliver strong performances. Harrison Ford does a great job as ex-policeman Rick Deckard. To be honest, I’ve not seen many of his other films for a while, so I can’t really compare this character to his other work. He seems to fit the role of Deckard well though. I think that the standout for me is Rutger Hauer, since he gives an amazing performance as Roy Batty, a replicant. His character is also very well-written. Another notable mention would be Sean Young who plays Rachael. Jordan Cronenweth provides some fantastic cinematography too. Lastly, Vangelis’ score is iconic.

Overall, Blade Runner: The Final Cut is an imaginative sci-fi film. It features amazing writing and directing, magnificent world-building, an impressive use of practical effects, creative costume design, strong performances, brilliant cinematography, and a futuristic score. However, it can become a bit confusing, especially if you’re watching it for the first time.

My score: 8/10

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