Halloween ★★★

"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare."

Halloween shows that its director is a master of suspense. For a film where the main antagonist hardly makes a movie, the thread of tension was wound tightly around the entire movie and slowly snapped apart. There is no debating how this became such a staple in the horror genre.

The defining feature of this film is its suspense. It relies on it. The antagonist spendes the majority of the film just standing there, not doing much, but his presence is felt. I also feel, however, that this was a flaw as I knew good would triumph and ultimately all that stalking lead to very little until the following sequels. Still, the characters remain such an integral part of the genre.

I was particularly looking forward to more and, while the suspense was masterfully done, I couldn't help shake the feeling that it needed a little more bite. This still does remain a classic and absolutely a must watch when diving into horror.