Roma ★★★★★

"When I was old, I was a pilot."

This film reminded me to not live as a man, but as a human. The depth of this movie is rarely reached in anything else.

Roma is very much a film stating the damage done by men while simultaneously being an ode (or an apology letter) to women. The film starts, a plane is seen flying in the distance. A family made of women and children peacefully exists inside a world of men.

The men consistently try to prove themselves as strong, whereas the women just are. ROMA IS A BADASS MOVIE AND IF YOU DISAGREE YOU ARE WRONG.

By men, I mean the violence, conflict, abandonment, and annoyance presented in the film. The boyfriend abandons his pregnant girlfriend, the husband abandons his wife, the militia murdering in the streets, the teenage boys bickering and insulting their sister, and the hilarious and breathtaking use of a martial artist's openly hanging penis. The only boy who isn't completely atrocious is the young boy who can only recall his memory of being a man, on the go, in a past life. I think Cuarón sees himself as this character. The men are loud, problematic, and insulting in their own pursuits.

But where this movie excels, is not in it's hatred of toxic masculinity, but in it's pure appreciation for women. And on top of that, it's not loud, it's not masculine, it's humble in it's grand scale.

Cuarón is perhaps the most "woke" filmmaker of all time. I love this movie (significantly more upon rewatch), and I cannot wait to revisit throughout my life.

It is undoubtedly the most well-crafted and most-important movie of 2018. More than deserves best picture and is one of the best artworks of the decade.

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