Blade Runner ★★★

A good picture that has potential to be a masterpiece. There’s is a lot of brilliance about this picture but my big issue is the core story. While it’s got a lot of beautiful and strong themes going for it like exploration of humanity, to live in state of fear, the desire to be free and to be alive. It’s just that themes aren’t interweave in most compelling story. The core story about Deckard hunting down the replicants just isn’t that compelling and Deckard isn’t most fascinating character. I think would have been so much better if Roy Batty was core focus and Deckard had more of secondary role as the antagonist.

That said there is so much to love about this picture. The atmosphere is so great, it’s dreamlike, eerie and so otherworldly. That’s largely contributed to Vangelis, who composed one of the greatest scores for motion picture. The music is so dreamy, so otherworldly and beautiful.

And another thing, I like about the picture is how visually stunning it is. It’s full of stunning miniatures and practical effects. The then futuristic LA in this picture looks so stunning and gorgeous.

A another thing I adore about this picture. Is Jordan Cronenweth cinematography. It’s some of the greatest cinematography in cinema, it has this beautiful noir look that just beautifully utilize colors and lighting. To create this damp, foggy, noir, alternate LA.

Also Roy Batty is such a deeply fascinating and great character. I wish picture spent more time with him and dive deeper into character. And I need say the “Tears in Rain” monologue is one of the greatest scenes in cinema. Everything about that scene from Rutger Hauer stunning performance, Vangelis beautifully dreamy melancholy music, to Jordan Cronenweth cinematography and the writing is so brilliant. The scene was actually Rutger idea and director Ridley Scott decided to make it happen. Rutger came up with such a deeply beautiful human scene!

Finally despite my issues with core story. This picture has so much to love and there’s something so special about this picture. I shall continue to revisit this picture as long as I am alive. Good job Ridley Scott and bravo to rest of artists involved.

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