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  • Hereditary


    THIS IS FUCKING GREAT! Pero no la quiero volver a ver nunca más porque soy re cagona pero por alguna razón sigo viendo este tipo de películas maldita sea

  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    The film had potential, but then again we have to see women suffer and men getting away with it... like always. I was left with the same sour taste that Promising Young Woman gave me.

    I'm really disappointed because at first I thought... "oh okay this is not the typical horror film with a lot of jump scares, there's a story, there are women being supportive with each other, it portraits an eating disorder in the right way..." but then…

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  • Unrelated


    It's like nothing happened but a lot happened and also Tom Hiddleston omg...

    This movie and Call me by your name made me realised that I want to vacation in Italy... preferably with Tom Hiddleston. Okay that's all. Just go watch this movie everyone.

  • The Bronze

    The Bronze

    This movie is really bad but kinda funny...

    So I'll just say two words: Sebastian Stan's butt. Wait those are three... sorry, I can't count I was thinking about that really weird sex scene.