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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Even better a second time...

All of these movies are a blast to put on and watch at any point.

During my first watch, my brother and I called Wayne practically right away, and then halfway through I started to have my theories about Ethan other than that Bailey was a surprise! I knew from the trailers that my mf boy Adrian Chase wasn't the killer! I hecking love you Josh Segarra please do more horror and please be in Scream VII!

I will say I was not a big fan of the killers during my first watch but they did grow on me this time besides that Scream VI now has many lines and moments that are now my favorite! I mean you all have read the countless reviews of people mentioning it but like seriously?
*Who gives a fuck about movies!* is so sexy and the Chad stabbing scene is chef's fuckin kiss!

anyway, Ill probably end up watching this again a few more times, maybe more... so yea good shit!

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