Annihilation ★★★

Yes this movie stressed me out. Yes I reacted in similar if not exactly how they wanted me to react in some sections of the film. Yes the performances overall are pretty good. But man, they really messed up something for me not to actually care about what was going on. They followed all the rules to a good horror/thriller, but I still managed not to care about the outcome for most of the film. Whether that was the poor writing or the blockbuster-sounding score, I'm not sure, but man did it ruin this movie for me. The dialogue just sounded like, well, dialogue. It sounded like someone wrote something for these characters to say. Yes there was some good scenes, but generally the dialogue wasn't that great. The score also definitely took me out of the thrill of the film. The music just didn't follow the tone the scenes did. The story is still interesting and I was definitely feeling adrenaline at some scenes where they wanted me to react that way, but generally, it's okay.

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