The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★★

Didn't think I'd be into this one but it's quite good actually, really gets into a swing. Mara and Craig are great together.

Fincher's movies are often good but they're super removed from what I usually look for/appreciate - they're just really really clinical; everything is about information. There are so many beautiful & emotive shots that he has absolutely no qualms in using for like a micro second of screen time, or using as part of a sequence of jump cuts to convey the plot... I respect that massively but it's also so against my own tastes. Works though (context depending), films like this and Gone Girl are great examples of modern media as vehicle for fiction. Both are really long movies (relatively speaking) but every scene is totally essential, they really don't allow themselves to give into the modern "hmm I'll just check my phone quick" climate. Although ironically the plot here is a little obvious imo, but still, the storytelling is very concise and specific.

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