A raw nerve is the only way I can describe this film. The wanton violence and the way it throbs from person to person... commentary on how mega corporations see humans as collateral damage to profits.

I watched the uncut version and then immediately googled if Brandon Cronenberg had been recently divorced. It felt very personal.

I'm sure this comparison has been made but it's like a Cronenbergian Inception replete with what some would say are unnecessary shots of gore, severed appendages, retro future gadgets and shots of Toronto. It is the Cronenberg way.

I wish there had been more fleshing out of Colin's job and the character of the data mining tycoon, John parse played aptly by Sean Bean. The lack of exposition leaves this character in particular feeling a bit cartoonish in his Rococo palace which affected the plot a bit for me.

Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott are both terrific as always. Also any excuse to see Jennifer Jason Leigh, who was not advertised in this film.

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