Fear Street: 1666

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This review may contain spoilers.

I liked this episode (and the trilogy as a whole) much more than I anticipated and I enjoyed the ensemble cast with all the actors from the previous episodes. But I was partly confused by the casting choices and didn't know whether they were contributed to actual heritage (like Goode), shift in perspective (Deena) or were just made for the audience to better connect with the characters. And I didn't enjoy all those actors butcher their American-Irish accents.

It was kinda refreshing to not get a soundtrack full of contemporary pop music - all good songs, but randomly placed with no actual connection to the story and no clear distinction what is diegetic and not - and instead have an atmospheric music score do the job (which is also way better than in the first two). At least for the first half set in 1666. For the 1994 segment they again went for licensed music, but the selection and placement felt much better and with more intent.

Btw I loved that halfway through the film the jump-cuts to a new title card continuing the segment set in 1994. And in general I was pleased by how well they were able to conclude the trilogy, especially since the first part was a bit sloppy.

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