Ambulance ★★★★

want to be very careful about my journey into michael bay auteurist territory…..I simply refuse to cross the transformers rubicon, but if he made stuff like this forever I’d probably have to admit defeat and swear my allegiance. this is destined to be the kind of movie my dad texts me about in like three years because he saw it on HBO and doesn’t understand why no one ever talks about it. coked-up minor masterpiece with some of the best, most headache-inducing vehicular warfare I’ve seen since fury road. quite literally unbelievable that morbius cost twice as much as this movie. a few days ago I watched the rock and lamented our lack of weird, offbeat movie stars like nicolas cage and sean connery; I stand by that but I will say if you all went to a movie theater and saw this then maybe jake gyllenhaal and the god yahya abdul-mateen II could prove me wrong! four stars!!

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