Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★

While it shares a lot of the cringy exoticism left over from films like ISLE OF DOGS & THE WOLVERINE, neither of those movies had Hollywood’s favorite dirtbag Brad Pitt as a clumsy guy doing the very relatable thing of staying afloat at a new gig while trying to address their anxiety & anger issues. 

Screenplay is an incredibly clunky but admirable addition to the wave of recent modern crime thrillers like COPSHOP, BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE & ambuLAnce. Not as enjoyable as those but still carries a similar quirky wit. 

Some of the cg work makes it feel like a video game in a less than great way though, got severe Bioshock Infinite vibes any time a fight would start and all the innocent citizens would just… magically, conveniently disappear. 

Absolutely 100000% on board with Bad Bunny adding action star to his repertoire — thank god we still have some semblance of Renaissance Men stars left….

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