Moonlight ★★★★★

Film #1 of the "Film is Golden" Scavenger Hunt Mini #4 challenge
15. A film that has been nominated for a 2017 Academy Award.

Very beautiful and also nerve-wracking. I would, first, like to partly quote a speech that was told to me at the Cinema for All Student Cinema Conference on the 18th of February by a Cinema professor, Dr. Alan O'Leary at University of Leeds. "Films by gay people are about gay people. Films about black people are about black people." I'm assuming it'd be the same for disabled and autistic people. "But, films by white people are about THE WORLD!" Well, I've bloody embraced this film and as a gay and not black, I've still bloody embraced it and I would like to quickly argue against that statement, that I'm pretty sure I still would do films about the world.

About the actual film, I'd agree that this film is inspired by hip-hop music video imagery, but I don't see it as a reason to dislike it. I think hip-hop music videos can be very beautiful, even if some hip-hop just isn't as good or well-produced as it used to be. It translates very well onto this drama and the emotional story and twists has given an impact, and with a ending of ambiguity. I think this is definitely my pick for Best Picture. I keep my fingers crossed. I don't feel as great as I used to about La La Land.

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