The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★★½

With Revolutions it becomes apparent how the world of The Matrix could easily inhabit an entire television series. Especially now in our post-Lost, post-Breaking Bad willingness to accept much more complex interactions with our forty-five minute doses of stimuli. The Merovingian, The Trainman, the fact that characters can disappear for long stretches, and how huge, sweeping battles can be fought without the main character even present - all of these suggest mini-episodes woven together throughout the Wachowski's 270 minute epic, that could be used to extend and explore character arcs for several seasons at least. Together Reloaded and Revolutions feel like a streamlined version of some thirteen-hour epic, and at every turn they are either challenging their audience on an intellectual or emotional level, and doing it on their terms. Look at how Revolutions subverts typical blockbuster expectations by placing the battle for Zion in the middle of the film, thus forcing the climax to be the resolution of its philosophical questions, delivered in a single, breathtakingly filmed fist fight. Yeah, twelve years is far too long in between visits to this world the Wachowski's created. Especially now with the realization we haven't had anything remotely like these films since.

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