Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Yep that's how you do a murder mystery.

This movie is so rewarding on a rewatch, allowing you to pick up on even more little details in this wonderful script. Like all the mentions of Marta's background, hilarious. So many terrific lines in this too. I can't decide if my favourite is "you want some more cookies hugh?" or "woah weve got footprints." Theres about 50 more that I could list but the way those two are executed had me dying.

Everyone is so good in this too. Everyone. They all knock it out of the park. Plummer is way too unexpectedly funny, especially when he mocks his age. Collette plays a role that is so opposite of what I've seen her in and is so entertaining. Craig and his accent works flawlessly, making you do a double take that he is james bond. Shannon is intense as always but he kills it. Lee curtis, holy shit when she hears the will, golden. De armas does excellent carrying most of this on her shoulders and I cant wait to see her with craig again in the new bond. I think johnson knew just how well of a character he had with ransom though. That has got to be one of the best introductions of any character ever. Evans showing up 45 or so minutes into the movie after seeing little flashes of him, and seeing ALL family members blow up on him is priceless.

Cannot wait to see the next one, although I dont think this can be topped.

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