Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★

Vincent: Patience is the chief virtue for those who have faith. Mahatma Gandhi, New Delhi, 1946.
Lt. Mike London: Up your ass. Lieutenant Mike London, Shit Creek, the year is now.

What an intro, starting with two technicians talking about tits, and ending with a rat starting the apocalypse. Welcome, we're in another glorious dreamy wonderland brought to you by Bruno Mattei. Featuring a rat, zombies, commandos, journalists, native villagers, a "borrowed" Jeep, heaps of stock footage, zombies munching on people in dilapidated buildings, and a glorious soundtrack by Goblin.

I absolutely adore Mattei's films, they're the perfect level of fun for me. And man was he convinced that rats were going to cause another plague of biblical proportion.

Have to give some A+ recognition to the child zombie early on as well as the Grandma zombie with the cat inside of her stomach, truly great stuff. I love Mattei's use of large panels with tons of buttons and flashing lights on them, seemingly always in a room with muted yellow or beige walls; gives me super Shocking Dark vibes as well. These are the ultimate apocalypse command centers.

Lia Rousseau(Margie Newton) simply has to get naked in order to watch all of this stock footage that she has to react to. Which is then followed up by another hilarious moment when the commandos seemingly abandon the villagers and leave them to die once the zombies attack. Sorry we're taking our vehicle and weapons and leaving, it was a fun party though. And speaking of Lia Rousseau, I don't think I've ever in my life witnessed somebody bite into chewing tobacco for the first time and react with "Mmmmm" - great stuff.

I could listen to Zantoro shit talking zombies all day long, the man was made for this apocalypse.

Overpopulation problem... solved...?

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